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From concepts to plan execution, R2 Communications Group, offers a full range of cabling infrastructure services and will be with you along every step of the projects, to make sure that you have a strong foundation for your network and information technology.


We provide reliable advice, grounded in our broad experience, concerning all structured cabling project aspects, from budgeting to scheduling, and strategies for updating technology, equipment and facilities.


You can rely on our broad experience concerning all structured cabling projects to bring you the best advice, from budgeting to scheduling, and design strategies for updating technology, equipment and facilities.


R2 Communications will provide you with an action plan covering everything from budgeting to scheduling, installation of the system and on-going support.


Obtain a free consultation.


Design of Structure Cabling Systems

A good cabling solution starts with a structured design. At R2 we design cabling systems that satisfy present needs, without forgetting the future.


The truth is that while the IP devices get the glory, it is the cabling system that does the work.


Your network will run only as fast as its cable infrastructure will allow. Even with the most powerful hardware and fastest computers, a cabling system that underperforms its task can negatively impact all your entire communications functions and departments.


Studies show that roughly 50% of network problems involves the cabling system. A well-designed IT infrastructure from the cabling system upwards to facilities, spaces, pathways, racks, cabinets and fans is crucial for optimal performance. It must be capable of providing the highest bandwidth and be able to recover quickly from conditions affecting its optimum performance.

Selecting a high-performance cabling system will extend the life of your network so it represents a huge savings of time and money.


Our Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solutions (IBIS) reduce cost and complexity by replacing disparate networks for communications, security, and building systems with one simplified, flexible, and scalable IP network.

R2 can custom design a comprehensive maintenance program for any small, medium or large size organization.

Project Management

Usually initiated during the design proceed, to assure that all aspects of the project are integrated, that the pace of the installation process flows smoothly and meets with your deadlines.


At R2 Communications, our expert project managers know all the options and our qualified installers are trained to deliver the best cabling system solution for you, whether copper or fiber optic, depending on your requirements.


We are fully capable to take on projects of all sizes in an integrated manner, so that the pace of the implementation flows smoothly within deadlines from start to finish.


Ask for an R2 Communications project manager to survey your premises free of charge. We will respond quickly, and you’ll get a professionally written design and proposal for a solution that meets your current needs and provides for your future growth.


From budgeting to scheduling, installation and on-going support, we’re there for you.

Staff, Facilities and Equipment

We have developed and organization that is fully responsive to client´s needs, who is justifiably proud of the quality work they perform, and aware of the value and importance of this work

around communications. Our service is delivered through:

  • A competent team of cabling technician constantly trained in term of present and developing aspect of the cabling and telecommunications industries.

  • Client-committed and knowledgeable support personnel, who usually after just one client call can offer assistance, answer questions or locate the staff specialist who can best solve the client´s problem or need.

  • We are a “Drug Free Company” which is committed with a safe working environment for our clients and employees performing annual drug testing and background check among others.

  • Ample physical facilities and state of the art technology and equipment.

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